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Squid Bomb! UR-D34d

* Meyowith slaps Aherios around a bit with a large trout
* Aherios blows up Meyowith with a Squid-Bomb
Meyowith> wtf is a Squid-Bomb
Titanium_Dragon> :D
Titanium_Dragon> Squid-bomb!
Aherios> It's a real bomb
Aherios> That our... air force uses
Meyowith> ll send a SPERM WHALE bomb after you :P
Aherios> No I'm not kidding Squid-Bombs are disgusting
Meyowith> american air force?
Meyowith> ...
Aherios> Yes
Meyowith> by Squid-Bomb you must mean NUKE
Aherios> No
Aherios> It's called a Squid-Bomb
Meyowith> .really now
Meyowith> and it...does?
Aherios> Yeah
Aherios> It knocks out the enemy with a fowl smell
Aherios> Seriously
Titanium_Dragon giggles
Aherios> They made it like... in the early 90s and it actually works
Meyowith> hah
Meyowith> a fowl smell of a squid
Aherios> Yeah. Best invention ever
Meyowith> ..the fuck
Meyowith> why..
Meyowith> What
Meyowith> What drove them to make soemthing like that
Aherios> Because people were raiding our camps and weren't afraid of bullets and shit
Meyowith> http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/poll/index.asp
Aherios> So they invented the Squid-Bomb
Meyowith> ..wow thats alot of Balls
Meyowith> not being afraid of bullets
Meyowith> what would beat taht?
Meyowith> Air freashener?
Titanium_Dragon> Not being afraid of squid, apparently
Meyowith> "WE HAVE SQUID BOMBS!!" "...WE HAVE GLADE" "NNNNNNNNOOOOOooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!"
Aherios> Man air fresheners don't hold a candle to that thing
[03:54] * Titanium_Dragon giggle
* Titanium_Dragon luaghs
Aherios> Yeah those are literally deadly, man
Meyowith> gas mask
Meyowith> qhats it made from
Aherios> Don't work
Meyowith> how could smell knock a perosn out
Meyowith> bretah threw your mouth
Meyowith> Thats some fucked up chemicals
Aherios> It's so horrible that it literally seaps through your skin
Meyowith> unless its not the smell and therefor its the Chemicals that do it
Meyowith> like oven cleaner
Aherios> No chemicals involved
Aherios> They use dead things
Aherios> I forget how big the hit radius is... you know TD?
Aherios> Something like 20 miles?
Meyowith> ...are you jokeing me?
Aherios> Nope
Meyowith> bah
Meyowith> how the fuck do you get nintendo reveiw from typeing squid bomb
Aherios> That's a code name
Aherios> I don't know the real name
Aherios> I think the real name is UR-D34d
Titanium_Dragon> Wierd
Titanium_Dragon> Hmm
* Titanium_Dragon thinks
Titanium_Dragon> I don't know the radius
Aherios> It was 20 miles wan't it?
Aherios> wasn't*
Meyowith> oh for fuck sakes
Meyowith> i put UR-D34d in
Meyowith> and get some "l33T" talk
Aherios> Wow that's weird O_o
Titanium_Dragon> I can't believe you fell for that, Meyow
Titanium_Dragon> Um, Ahe
Titanium_Dragon> :p
Titanium_Dragon> UR-D34d
Titanium_Dragon> You are dead
* Aherios dies
Aherios> How long did I pull that off?
Titanium_Dragon> I dunno how guillible drew is
Aherios> 20 minutes LMAO
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